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Natalie just finished with her "Club Cougar" production. It is a mystery, dinner, dance production that encompasses over 150 students. Tickets for the event sell out almost a year in advance. This year the seven-night production netted just over $34,000.00 in profits! We will be developing a portion of the web site dedicated to "Club Cougar" during the summer months. (Actors: your performance photos will be posted during June. See Natalie for prints).  The following quotation is from an article printed in the local paper, The Record Searchlight, on May 19, 1999, (the same week “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” tickets went on sale):

Show tickets draw another big crowd

Move over, “Star Wars.”

The second longest line in town Wednesday was at Foothill High School, where people waited up to four hours to get tickets to next spring’s musical, “Club Cougar.”

“Our family wouldn’t want to miss this,” said Peg Moseman of Palo Cedro, who waited in the school lobby four hours before tickets went on sale.

All 70 sponsor tables were sold in 15 minutes and about 30 people had to be turned away.  Individual tickets go on sale this winter.


The first page we have established is a listing of Organizations, Affiliations, Unions and Guilds such as the American Film Institute. We will be adding another page of links to high school drama sites similar to High School at a later date. If you have a suggestion for a link, please let us know!


Organizations/Affiliations/Unions & Guilds


The biggest request we have had from teachers is to provide a list of suggested books/plays for them to buy for their high school drama classes. We have set up an affiliation with to provide a listing of books/plays that Natalie currently uses in her curriculum. We have added the "Bookstore" link, and we hope it will be useful. We have listed the title and author/editor of each book along with a short quotation from either the preface or the front/back cover. Natalie has included a brief commentary about each book. By clicking the title of each book, you will be linked to for further information.

Recommended Books/Plays with links to


High School will feature:

o        High School Lesson Plans

o        Rally/Homecoming skits

o        Theater games for the classroom

o        Audition techniques for students

o        Published plays appropriate for high school

o        Student written plays appropriate for high school

o        Listing of Performing Arts Schools

o        How to put on a high school production

o        Supplemental reading materials

o        Professional Theater listing

o        Links to jobs in Theater

We will also have a free, email based newsletter that will be available for students as well as teachers. The newsletter will include much of the above information but will focus on detailed lesson plans for teachers as well as techniques for teaching drama at the high school level. Rest assured that your email address will be used ONLY for our newsletter. We will not sell or rent your email address for any reason. It will be 100% private. If you are interested in subscribing to our newsletter, or have any questions about the newsletter, please email us at:

Natalie Hendrickson, a full-time high school drama instructor at Foothill High School in Palo Cedro, California, U.S.A, brings you High School

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